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Ash tree breaks through metal gate with peeling paint // remages

Little tree breaks metal gate

The tricolor palette of this old, rusting, paint-peeling metal gate was fascinating, but the little ash tree that broke through it — undaunted and nonchalant —  was even more fantastic. Check out the haiku I wrote about it on remages

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33 Minutes on 13th Street, NYC - remages

33 Minutes on 13th Street NYC

I sat there on the stoop, exhausted from moving one of my kids into a tiny NYC apartment, waiting for food to be delivered… I watched the people walk by, then observed their footwear, leg-wear, dogs-on-leashes, and walking style, with amusement and occasional amazement. I […]

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Meditation: the Buddha and the Other Cat - remages

Meditation: the Buddha and the Other Cat

#2 in a diptych.  The two cats are best friends; whatever one does, the other will  do, including adoration of the Buddha, apparently.  🙂 NOTE: This image was captured on a Canon 5D II, then edited heavily in multiple iPhone apps including Snapseed (don’t usually edit so much, but […]

The yellow hallway to the Blue Door... Remages

Through the Blue Door…

Don’t you want to go down the yellow hallway, and through the blue door, to see what’s on the other side? Clicking the image will take you to the page on this site for remages’ “Hipstamatic” photography, for images created using the iPhone app with its […]

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In the beginning...a Dream! | remages | Russ Murray

In the beginning…a dream!

…remages is born of, part of, and connected to dreaming, where all creativity begins! And REM sleep is where the best dreaming takes place, so we ask you to dream, and share it with us, so we can realize it… remages

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