Cameras+Films for PolaProjects

The POLAPROJECTS by remages images are taken on various vintage and new instant/Polaroid-type cameras, using various instant film formats, including:

  • Instant Cameras:
    • Polaroid (all vintage)
      • BIG SHOT / The long, ungainly, weird-looking, fixed-focus, gray-green, boxy camera, with which Andy Warhol took his fabulous Polaroid portraits.
      • SPECTRA / Using the standard, SE, and Pro versions of this high-quality, late-vintage model, using wide (non-square) format Spectra-only film, which was sadly discontinued in 2019.
      • SLR680 / The 680 “SE” edition is regarded as the BEST SLR (evolving out of the SX-70 series) model Polaroid produced — auto-focus, through-the-lens focusing — to maximize image quality using Polaroid 600 film.
      • Miscellaneous / When I hit the estate and yard sales, I always grab any Polaroid or other instant camera in decent condition, either for display (shelf-candy) or active use. Working models currently include: a Polaroid One-Step Flash and an Impulse.
    • Polaroid Originals (new, formerly called “Impossible Project”)
      • One-Step+ / i-Type Camera – uses Polaroid 600-sized film, without the battery in each cartridge.
    • FujiFilm (new)
      • Instax Wide 300 / clean, consistent results from a light, reliable camera with a wonky viewfinder that is maddeningly difficult to compose with.

[Picture of the current instant/Polaroid camera collection goes here — soon!]

  • Instant Films:
    • Polaroid Originals – color and monochrome 600 (square, with battery), 600 i-Type (no battery), and Spectra (wide, with battery) films.
    • FujiFilm – the discontinued (2016) FP-100c and FP-3000b “pack film” until supplies run out (expensive as heck, and dwindling fast), Instax Wide film, for the Instax Wide 300 camera I have, and Instax Square or Instax Mini if I ever get a camera that uses it…
    • Expired Film – whatever I find unopened, between 3-19 years “old” and hopefully kept in a cool place, to see what strange (and hopefully wonderful) results I’ll get…

Future/fantasy Pola-gear: I’m currently lusting after, and perusing eBay for, a Polaroid 600SE medium-format camera — a manual, tripod-based beast, offering remarkable image quality — with both a 120/220 roll-film back, and a custom, 3D-printed 4×5 sheet-film back. That camera and the film it takes (plus development) should keep me busy, and broke. 🙂

I’m also considering the brand new camera from Mint (known for refurbished and enhanced vintage Polaroid SX-70’s) called the “InstantKon RF70” which offers great controls, image-quality, making great use of Instax Wide film. I’ve looked at the quirky cameras from Lomography but most use Instax films which other cameras do very well (better?), and I feel like they try a little too hard to be, well…quirky!

And on the film side, a company in Vienna named SuperSense (launched by an Impossible Project alum and his pals) is promising to launch a new “peel-apart pack film” product/technology to enable all kinds of old and new cameras to once-again to produce high-quality instant photography — up to 8×10 and bigger! Maybe Fujifilm will expand their lineup of films, into additional sizes and camera-cartridge formats? We shall see…

Email with questions and comments.


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