Inspired recently by several artsy-creative-OCD friends and colleagues — including James Tinnelly and Alex Fourier — plus the discovery with my children of a big stack of old Polaroids of friends and family, I caught the Polaroid-Instant-photography bug! Oh, I’ve got it bad…

Why instant-photography? Well, it’s definitely NOT because I want to harm the environment (I’ll recycle everything) and NOT because I’m turning away from digital photography. It’s just that Digital is more about making the “capture” and editing your images afterward, which is great for everyday snaps and street photography, or studio/commercial work. But I guess I’m going for the “non-digital-one-chance-to-compose-and-crop-in-the-viewfinder” approach of instant photography, which is more a process of “making a picture” (as Ansel Adams said) than just taking one. And, of course, I’m visually, artistically drawn to the Polaroid-instant-analog film look-and-feel, softness, vignetting, light-leaks, aberrations, and colors.

My instant photography cameras and films (current & wish-list) are on this page.

So, this page will provide updates about my personal PolaProjects and collaborations with other instant-photographers, plus links to blog posts with new instant photographs. Here are links to posts and projects on this site, which are either PolaProjects or about instant photography in general:

PROJECTS/PORTFOLIO (page – currently ALL instant photography)
– [more coming soon…]

Thanks for visiting! If you want to return and see my new instant-photography work, just bookmark www.polaprojects.com and you’ll land on this page. Or follow this blog via WordPress, or by email using the subscribe form below. And please check out and follow the PolaProjects instant-photography-focused social media feeds:

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SHOP — an online store to buy instant film, vintage and new instant cameras at Cameras+Films (launching on October 1, 2020)

Email info@PolaProjects.com to chat about instant photography!


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