OverHerd-OverScene or “OHOS” began as a written journal of strange and funny remarks I’d overheard, then quickly evolved into an online identity and outlet for my slice-of-life, observational, street photography. Who am I? I’m Russ Murray a.k.a. “remages“, the person who does 99.9% of the shutter-clicking and posting on this blog, which includes the OHOS content.

OHOS = what we’ve heard over the herd, and scenes we’ve seen.

Things we’ve heard and seen, played out on the stage of life; the stories which need to be told. That what “OHOS” is. Some OHOS is amazing, inspiring, uplifting. Some is amusing, hysterical, funny, and LOL-worthy!  Some is interesting, informative, newsworthy, and eye-opening. Some is sad scary, frightening, and maybe even tragic. Some of it we wish we could forget, but some of it needs to be shared with the world, because it’s just too weird, funny, interesting, newsworthy, wonderful, or whatever!

Today, OHOS is mostly street photography of people, places, events, situations and scenarios. And some of the great street art and graffiti seen in my travels.

Please check out the OHOS social media feeds listed below…

OverHerd-OverScene (“OHOS”)

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