Over-Herd-Over-Scene or “OHOS” began as a written journal of strange and funny remarks overheard by me — Russell E. Murray aka remages — which then evolved into a photographic journal of my personal event and street photography.

OHOS is what we’ve heard over the herd and scenes we’ve seen.

Things we’ve heard and seen played out on the stage of life. Stories which need to be told. Some things are inspiring and uplifting; some are amusing, hysterical, and funny. Some things are interesting, informative, newsworthy, and eye-opening. Others are sad, scary, frightening, or tragic. Some things we wish we could forget, but they still need to be shared. OHOS is all of that.

Today, OHOS is mostly street photography of people, places, and events from my personal and work-related travels. The rest of OHOS is street art and graffiti I’ve seen along the way.

OHOS Mini-Gallery:

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