Inspired by several artsy-creative friends and colleagues — including James Tinnelly and Alex Fourier — plus the discovery with my children of a big stack of old Polaroids of friends and family, I caught the instant-photography bug! Oh, I’ve got it bad…

Why instant-photography? Well, it’s definitely NOT because I want to harm the environment (I’ll recycle everything) and NOT because I’m turning away from digital photography. It’s just that Digital is more about making the “capture” and editing your images afterward, which is great for everyday snaps and street photography, or studio/commercial work.

I find the “non-digital-one-chance-to-compose-and-crop-in-the-viewfinder” approach of instant photography to be more a process of “making a picture” (as Ansel Adams said) than just taking one. And, of course, I’m visually, artistically drawn to the Polaroid-instant-analog film look-and-feel: softness, vignettes, light-leaks, aberrations, and colors. Oh, and those beautiful disasters when instant film gets jammed in the camera on the way out are awesome!

So, this page, blog and social media posts tagged with “#instantphoto” or “#polaprojects” will consist of personal work, collaborations with other instant-photographers, and curated, one-of-a-kind (“OOAK”) instant photos from my collection, which have been found (family, friends, etc.) and purchased (estate sales, auctions, photo-dealers, etc.) over the years.

Instant.Photo Profiles & Feeds:

Instagram — instant photos taken or collected by remages
Facebook — the feed and instant-photo-group…
Twitter — instant-photography and related tweets.
Tumblr — instant photography by remages and others!
Pinterest — my instant-photography board…
Flickr — my instant-photography collection page.

For more info, you can bookmark this page and watch the blog for new posts about instant photography.

SHOP — online store selling instant films and vintage/new instant cameras at Cameras+Films (launching in 2022)


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