The Scallion Man

The Scallion Man…well, ok, ok, this is edited with a symmetry/mirror app…but what a face he’s got!  The original “green” man, or maybe one of those “little green men” we keep hearing about…  🙂 remages

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Trespass by Chainsaw?

Came across this visual gem on a hilltop overlooking a golf course, and tried to interpret what had happened… Trespass with a chainsaw in hand?  Someone sending a message?  Or just a random, unrelated, juxtaposition of  events?  May never know… remages

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Meditation: the Buddha and the Other Cat - remages

Meditation: the Buddha and the Other Cat

#2 in a diptych.  The two cats are best friends; whatever one does, the other will  do, including adoration of the Buddha, apparently.  🙂 NOTE: This image was captured on a Canon 5D II, then edited heavily in multiple iPhone apps including Snapseed (don’t usually edit so much, but […]

The yellow hallway to the Blue Door... Remages

Through the Blue Door…

Don’t you want to go down the yellow hallway, and through the blue door, to see what’s on the other side? Clicking the image will take you to the page on this site for remages’ “Hipstamatic” photography, for images created using the iPhone app with its […]

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In the beginning...a Dream! | remages | Russ Murray

In the beginning…a dream!

…remages is born of, part of, and connected to dreaming, where all creativity begins! And REM sleep is where the best dreaming takes place, so we ask you to dream, and share it with us, so we can realize it… remages

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