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Melting Snow and Baby Lilies| Remages

Melting Snow and Baby Lilies

The moment of transition between seasons. The March lion still roaring, but preparing to leave in a lamb-like fashion, a couple of weeks from now.  The last unmelted snow and ice lurk in the shadows, and other places the sun can’t shine.  And now, the […]

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Each day, a small, delicious harvest! Remages

Each Day a Small, Delicious Harvest

Just one raspberry plant, planted without much of a plan, but with a child’s hope for a few summer fruits… Next to the front porch, visible from the chairs in which we drink wine at dusk, the plant grew fast this year.  And, delightfully, since late June, the plant […]

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No Weak Links in the Chain. Remages

No Weak Links in the Chain…I hope!

Looking at each silvery link, checking each one, I think, there must not be a weak one among you!  The thing is…the links of this particular chain uphold the hammock in which my daughter loves to swing!  The two trees, forever too far apart for the hammock ropes […]

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