This website presents the images of Russell E. Murray aka “REM”. I share my initials with the acronym for “Rapid Eye Movement”, the eye/brain activity which indicates deep-sleep dreaming is in-progress; the place where the best (and most interesting) thoughts and visions happen.

So, in the spirit of “R.E.M.” (dreams, not the band, though I did meet Michael Stipe once at a restaurant), my images and multimedia are created and delivered under the fake moniker, pseudonym and secret identity “REMAGES”.

How was REMAGES born?  Basically, I fell in love with my Kodak Instamatic camera at the age of 7, and nothing was safe after that!  Tools now include: Sony, Canon, Leica, Lumix, Polaroid, Lumia, iPhone, Hipstamatic, and other camera and editing apps. The full back-story is posted on Cameras+Films.

Ash tree breaks through metal gate with peeling paint // remages

Remages = Photography & multimedia, created to delight the senses, confound the mind, evoke feelings, and provoke reactions:

  • Specializing in iPhonography, Hipstamatic, candid & street photography, art-graphic, beautiful and bizarre elements and aspects of everyday, mundane objects.
  • Drawn to unusual points-of-view, different perspectives, alternative takes, the-space-between, things unseen and words unsaid – the essence of things.
  • Tools: various new, and vintage, hi-and-lo-res, offbeat, retro and imperfect devices for capturing and translating the fleeting moments of life into images.
NYC Buildings Monochrome Lines to Sky // remages

REMAGES is available to create special images just for you or your business, upon request, for a nominal (reasonable) service charge. Go to the Contact Page for a list of places you can see (and purchase) my images — both still and sparkling — under the “remages” identity.

REMAGES multimedia is made available through the exist management creative agency.

Email rem@remages.com for more information.


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