Whence, wherefore and whither PolaProjects?

Sultan Russ (dad) and Lizard Max (son) Halloween 1995

Inspired recently by several artsy-creative-OCD friends and colleagues — including James Tinnelly and Alex Fourier — plus the discovery with my children of a big stack of old Polaroids of friends and family, I caught the Polaroid-Instant-photography bug! Oh, I’ve got it bad…Polaroid: the Sultan (me) with my Lizard/Turtle Son. Halloween 1995?

Why instant-photography? Well, it’s definitely NOT because I want to harm the environment (I’ll recycle everything) and NOT because I’m turning away from digital photography. It’s just that Digital is more about making the “capture” and editing your images afterward, which is great for everyday snaps and street photography, or studio/commercial work. But I guess I’m going for the “non-digital-one-chance-to-compose-and-crop-in-the-viewfinder” approach of instant photography, which is more a process of “making a picture” (as Ansel Adams said) than just taking one. And, of course, I’m visually, artistically drawn to the Polaroid-instant-analog film look-and-feel, softness, vignetting, light-leaks, aberrations, and colors.

So, this page will provide updates about my personal PolaProjects and collaborations with other instant-photographers, plus links to blog posts with new instant photographs. My images will be taken on various vintage and new instant/Polaroid-type cameras, using various instant film formats, including:

  • Instant Cameras:
    • Polaroid (all vintage)
      • BIG SHOT / The long, ungainly, weird-looking, fixed-focus, gray-green, boxy camera, with which Andy Warhol took his fabulous Polaroid portraits.
      • SPECTRA / Using the standard, SE, and Pro versions of this high-quality, late-vintage model, using wide (non-square) format Spectra-only film, which was sadly discontinued in 2019.
      • SLR680 / The 680 “SE” edition is regarded as the BEST SLR (evolving out of the SX-70 series) model Polaroid produced — auto-focus, through-the-lens focusing — to maximize image quality using Polaroid 600 film.
      • Miscellaneous / When I hit the estate and yard sales, I always grab any Polaroid or other instant camera in decent condition, either for display (shelf-candy) or active use. Working models currently include: a Polaroid One-Step Flash and an Impulse.
    • Polaroid (New products and films!) Formerly called “Polaroid Originals and “Impossible Project” before that, after the original Polaroid went bankrupt and stopped production…
      • One-Step+ / i-Type Camera – uses Polaroid 600-sized film, without the battery in each cartridge.
    • FujiFilm (new)
      • Instax Wide 300 / clean, consistent results from a light, reliable camera with a wonky viewfinder that is maddeningly difficult to compose with.
  • Instant Films:
    • Polaroid Originals – color and monochrome 600 (square, with battery), 600 i-Type (no battery), and Spectra (wide, with battery) films.
    • FujiFilm – the discontinued (2016) FP-100c and FP-3000b “pack film” until supplies run out (expensive as heck, and dwindling fast), Instax Wide film, for the Instax Wide 300 camera I have, and Instax Square or Instax Mini if I ever get a camera that uses it…
    • Expired Film – whatever I find unopened, between 3-19 years “old” and hopefully kept in a cool place, to see what strange (and hopefully wonderful) results I’ll get…

Future/fantasy Pola-gear: I’m considering the brand new camera from Mint (known for refurbished and enhanced vintage Polaroid SX-70’s) called the “InstantKon RF70” which offers great controls, image-quality, making great use of Instax Wide film. I’ve looked at the quirky cameras from Lomography but most use Instax films which other cameras do very well (better?) and I feel like they try a little too hard to be, well…quirky!

And on the film side, a company in Vienna named SuperSense (launched by an Impossible Project alum and his pals) is producing a new “peel-apart pack film” which is getting better with each batch, to enable all kinds of old and new cameras to once-again to produce high-quality instant photography — up to 8×10 and bigger! Maybe Fujifilm will expand their lineup of films, into additional sizes and camera-cartridge formats? We shall see…

Thanks for visiting! If you want to return and see my new instant-photography work, just go to and you’ll land on this page. Please check out and follow the PolaProjects instant-photography-focused social media feeds:

Instagram — instant photography from me and my insta-friends!
Twitter — instant-photography focused (pun intended).
Tumblr — instant photography focused; collaborations encouraged!
Pinterest — the instant-photography board on my personal profile.
Flickr — my instant-photography collection page…but feel free to check out my photography using non-instant films and digital formats too!

SHOP — my online store to buy instant film, vintage+new instant cameras at Cameras+Films (launching in June 2021)

Email if you want to chat about instant/film photography.


Polaroid: the Sultan (me) with my Lizard/Turtle Son. Halloween 1995?

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